Amazolla (more popularly known as the Amazon Islands) is an island kingdom in the middle of the Imperial Ocean. The kingdom is unique for it's women dominated population and largely archer focused army.


The first records of Amazolla date back to when Ros and Cartage were the only two kingdoms on Megalo. Back then, the Amazons ruled all of the northern islands of Nisia. After a part of the male population rose up because they believed men were far superior to women. The men formed the nation of Scottia and declared war against the Amazons. During the war, two Amazon Queens were killed in battle: Lali Amazonia II the Blood-Washed and
Amazon Rainforest

One of the jungle parts of Amazolla. This is from the island Junglefemme.

Cleo Amazonia I. The Amazons lost the war, later called the Scott Revolution, and lost the islands of Melagi Gi and Mikri Gi. Since then, the Amazons and Scotts (now known as the Normans) have been at odds. After the war, the Amazons began trading with the kingdom of Cartage. They also helped Cartage during the First War of Megalo, gaining many exclusive trading rights, including free string for bows and free arrow shafts. The Amazons then helped in the Second War of Megalo, and again helped Cartage to victory. The Queen at the time, Anya Amazona, helped to draft the treaty of Atlas. The Amazons have been at peace since then, until the Normans began a new war against the Amazons.

Society and CultureEdit

Amazon society is noted for being female-dominated. Women are the only people who can go to war or hold any title of nobility. Men are usually vendors or farmers. Amazons mainly follow the teachings of the godesses Sehanine and Melora. Amazonian weddings are held at the temple of Sehanine, usually at night during summer. All Amazon women are trained to use bows, and those who become actual soldiers learn how to use spears. Men usually carry a dagger, or sometimes short spears if they are of noble descent.


Amazolla has many islands that are mainly either jungly or mountainous. All islands are lush with green.

Descision upon a new QueenEdit

When a Queen of Amazolla dies, there are five different clans who are opted for the throne: the human Amazonians, the elven Goldwinds, the razorclaw Junglefemmes, the longtooth Mountainettes, and the half-breed Sealaellas. The clans meet on the island of Vassilissa to vote for a new queen. There are several guidelines each clan must honor: the clan cannot vote for a clansman of their own, no bribes may be accepted and anyone who attempts such an outrage will be killed on the spot, and lastly the candidate for the throne must have served in the Amazon army for at least one year.


There are several islands the Amazons control:

  • Vassilissa
  • Amazonia
  • Goldwind
  • Junglefemmes
  • Mountainettes
  • Sealaellas
  • Zounkla
  • Paradio