The Amazon Warriors are the main fighting force of Amazolla. All warriors are women, and all are trained in the use of a bow and arrow. Some Amazon Warriors, however, prefer the use of javelins and spears. Every Amazon must become an Amazon Warrior at age 16.

Tacitcs and TrainingEdit

Amazon Warriors train in high altitude jungles, increasing their red blood cell count and strengthening their muscles and senses. In

Standard Amazon Warrior

their training, Amazons are split into groups of around fifty, and are trained on survival. Amazons also practice hand to hand combat, usually full contact. They prefer the fighting style Shu Zhandou or Tree Fighting in elven. Amazons wear little to no armor. When they do, it is mostly leather. Amazons prefer hit and run guerilla tactics and ambushes. During sieges, many Amazons use diversion tactics, where a large part of the force attacks the city head on, while a smaller part sneaks around back, flanking the enemy and engulfing them.


Amazon Warriors can leave at age 40. When an Amazon Warrior retires, she is given a ceremonial bow made of the bones of fey beasts.