Anya Amazona II is the queen of Amazolla. She is a human Ranger. She is around 26 years old.


Anya Amazona was made queen when she was just 19. At the time, Amazolla had reduced it's military budget significantly. The Amazons stopped using armor, except for personal armors, and began using lower quality weapons. Anya feared this could motivate the Normans to attack, but never recieved support from

Anya Amazona II. Portrayed at age 19 after coronation.

the royal clans, even her own. The Normans attacked Amazolla when Anya was 24, and the Amazons began a streak of losses. Luck changed after they were able to stall the Norman invasion and when the Cartagans agreed to help. Anya began fighting on the front lines, and helped to lead the Battle of Normandy.

Anya met the Party after the end of the Battle of Normandy, exchanging no words with anyone. She was later encountered with Ivan when the Party attempted to prevent his assassination.