Bluewater Castle is a castle outside the walls of Afentiko, Cartage. The deed to Castle Bluewater was found in Zuud's tent.


Castle Bluewater contains the following features.

  • One Waypoint
  • 10 Bedrooms
  • A lounge
  • A bathroom
  • 4 Towers
  • Banner/Standard post
  • Kitchen
  • Fireplace in each bedroom and lounge
  • Plaques and Racks in rooms and hallways
  • Many paintings
  • Huge gold and red rug in main hall
  • Many candles to light rooms; chandeliers

Taxes & ExpensesEdit

To keep possesion of Castle Bluewater, the owner must pay an annual tax of 10,000 gold. Citizins who live in the nearby property must pay a tax defined by the owner of Castle Bluewater. Soldiers who work as guards must be given a living quarter.

Past OwnersEdit

  • Unknown owner
  • Zuud
  • The Party (Joint Ownership)