Boiling Flower is the name given to this special poison for it's main ingredient, which is found in the Elemental Chaos, and the fact it is made in lava. It was created by the Archons, who wished to use the poison against the gods in a potential second Dawn War. It is one of the most sought potions in the world.


Boiling Flower is quick acting, causing death nearly immediatley after consumption. Boiling Flower is easily recognizable though, it bears a striking resemblence to lava. No effects have ever been recorded due to the rarity of the poison.


The ingredients for Boiling Flower can be found in the Elemental Chaos:

  • 1 Shard of a fire Archon
  • 1 Burning Flower
  • 1 Vial of Lava from the Elemental Chaos

All ingredients are simply put into a vial.


Due to the speed of death and rarity of this poison, there has never been any type of effort to make a cure for Boiling Flower.