Cartagan Brew is a poison developed by famoud Cartagan Assassin, Rosias Dolofon. It is a long term poison that is used for assassination. The poison was developed in the Second War of Megalo for use against the Gualic King. After he was killed by the Congregation, the poison was used by the assassins in their other missions. The poison is still used today.


Cartagan Brew can remain undectected for up to five days. The first symptoms shown are usually a high fever and bad breath. In just two hours, the victim will begin to foam at the mouth. Soon after, they go into a catotonic state. If not properly treated, they die in 12 hours.


The ingredients for Cartagan Brew are relatively easy to find:

  • 1 vial of bat milk
  • 1 vial of ooze
  • 4 hairs of a bear
  • 1 feather of an eagle

All ingredients are put into a bowl and crushed and mixed. The finished substance is then boiled. After the boiling, it requires some more crushing and mixing. Once that is done, the mixture is poured into a vial. The poison is good for up to a year.


While there is no mundane cure, healers are able to help. In several cases, however, the help of a healer did not rid the victim of the poison.