Cartage is

Skyview of Cartage (Port of Atlas)

one of the the original two kingdoms of Megalo. Cartage is not as old as long time enemy Ros, though it is still percieved to be the stronger of the two.


Cartage emerged as the second of the two Megalo Superpowers, the other being Ros. Cartage is believed to have originated in present day Stitella. When the two kingdoms expanded to the point their borders met, Cartage wished to have a peaceful relationship with Ros that could benifit both of them. However, Ros met Cartage with hostility and declared war by attacking a Cartagan village that was near the border. This sparked the First War of Megalo, which Cartage won. Forty years later, the Second War of Megalo broke out, which Cartage won again. Cartage also broke itself up willingly into smaller kingdoms, though itself remains quite large. Cartage became a place of great trade with the islands of Amazolla and Angland. Cartage has fought in no wars for a thousand years, but has always been at odds and very wary of Ros and Gualia.

Society and CultureEdit

Cartage is noted for it's military, which is said to be the best in the world. The shields used by Cartagan Soldiers are large, circular steel shields that can cover an entire person. They also use Wyverns and War Elephants to help in battle. Men are required to join the army at age 18 and may leave at age 25. Cartage is a supporter of magic. The races of Cartage is very diverse, and no population entirely dominates another.


The legendary Atlas Mountain Range is located in southern Cartage, which protects the capital of Cartage, Hastings. There are also the Twin Peaks which defend the kingdom's military center, Sparta.

Decision on a new KingEdit

In Cartage, the throne goes to the closest relative of the king, wether it be the Queen, a prince, or a duke, or any other form of nobility.


  • Cartage is based off of the empire of Carthage.
  • There are two cities named after real life cities in Cartage: Hastings and Sparta.