Damodar (also known as Count Damodar) is the leader of the Cult of Vecna. He is over 170 years old, which is unnatural for a human. He is a specialist in arcane and divine magic.
The necromancer

Damodar in front of several Cultists and Undead.

Pre-Vecna HistoryEdit

Damodar is never mentioned in any history tomes, except for the fact he is the nephew of the late Gualic king Alfonse Listler and he became a Count who ruled over the town of Erschroken until he was found dead at age 97 by several of his guards.

Leader of the Cult of VecnaEdit

Damodar actually took Sleeper's Blight poison before his guards found him. He was dug up by Bruuz Sak'Roynas Sirro-Laus, a member of the Cult of Vecna, in a plan to allow to go to Mt. Broteskar to run the cult there. Damodar has the cult preform high-profile assassinations, though nobody knows the cult does such things. He also has had the Cult increase over triple in size.

The Party first learns of Damodar through Zuud's notes and journal. Damodar is first encountered by the Party in Mt. Broteskar. He talked with them for several minutes, before he had them leave due to a meeting with Zuud.