Dwarven Bane was developed by Ros soon after the break-up of Cartage. It was developed to help defend Ros in a feared invasion of the Dwarves of Wallachia. Though such an invasion never happened, Ros still develops the poison today.


Dwarven Bane is only lethal to Dwarves, though can be potentially harmful to Muls or other half dwarves. Symptoms begin with rapid hair loss along with great fatigue. Two minutes later, a severe headache and stomachache is felt. A few more minutes and vomiting and diarrhea occurs. If the victim is not treated within one hour of being poisoned, he or she will die.


The ingredients for Dwarven Bane are commonly found in meadows at the feet of mountains:

  • 1 Golden Nettle Root
  • 1 Vorkishev Tree Seed
  • 1 vial of Vorkishev Tree Sap

The Golden Nettle Root and Vorkishev Tree Seed are both cut into ten pieces. The pieces are then put in a heated vial of Vorkishev Tree Sap. After fifteen minutes of boiling, the poison is complete. The poison is notorious for being easily mistaken for ale due to it's golden color and dense texture.


The only known cure is comsumption of at least two liters of ale, supposedly to flush out the poison. This is potentially fatal, however, and should be used as a last resort. It should be noted that Clerics, Bards, Runepriests, and Warlords are known to actually make symptoms worse through their healing, though this is not always the case.