Hannibal Tzu (also called Hannibal the Great) is a Dragonborn Warlord. He is a master of large army tactics. He is 63 years old.
Dragonborn black

Hannibal Tzu at age 40.


Hannibal was born in a cave three miles outside Caesar, the captital of Mundux. He survived by being taken care of by Kobolds. He grew with them until he turned seven, when he ran away to join the Army of Mundux. He quickly was recognized for his quick learning and mastery of tactics he learned by watching and listenin to the Kobolds he lived with. Hannibal was called for his expertise when he was just 13, after a bandit group took a small village hostage. Hannibal came up with a plan, and the bandits were killed without civilian or Dutche casualties. Hannibal joined the army at age 16, and after a streak of impressive and effective tactics, became the General of the Army of Mundux at age 29, the youngest to ever become the General. In this, he also became the King of Mundux, as tradition is to have the General also be king. Hannibal continued active military service until age 55, when he took an arrow to the knee.

Hannibal is first encountered by the Party, marking pardons and executions. After learning of a potential assassination attempt, he placed Caesar under Martial Law. He then trained Tor, per request, so that Tor could learn tactics to help him in battle. When night fell, a large explosion rocked Caesar and knocked the Party out into a moat. After a fight with a Changeling impersonating Hannibal, they were pursued by Zuud. Zuud caught up and was about to execute Tor, when Hannibal broke through the door to the torture room and engaged Zuud in combat. After the guards showed, Zuud ran off and Hannibal and the Party went to Cartage to warn Ivan Hastings of a potential assassin.