Jungle Needle is a poison seeped by several plants in the Amazon Jungles. Though not lethal, the poison can be made into a quick acting lethal poison. The Amazon Spies carry pills of Jungle Needle.


Alone, Jungle Needle is non-lethal, usually causing diarrhea or stomach cramps. When properly mixed however, it is an incredibly lethal poison that can kill in less than ten seconds.


Jungle Needle requires the following to be lethal:

  • 1 Vial of Jungle Needle Sap
  • 1 Canopy Leaf
  • 3 Black Dirt Plant Seeds

The Canopy Leaf is ground up with the seeds. The vial of Jungle Needle sap is boiled and the ground up mixture of the leaf and seeds are added while the sap is boiling. After a few minutes, the poison is ready.


Jungle Needle is easily cured by Clerics or traditional Amazon medicine. When turned potent, however, the target has no chance.