Rannon Sylnius


Rannon Sylnius II was a elf avenger. He worked for the Murder as an agent. Rannon was killed during the assassination attempt of Drokir Steel-Gale, along with his wife. He was 37 years old at the time of his death.


Rannon was born in Eloga, in the city of Sakhata. His parents were nobles, so Rannon was able to go to a good school. One day, when Rannon was 16, he came home to find his family killed, with some of their limbs missing. After extensive research, he had reason to believe that the Cult of Vecna was responsible for their deaths. At age 19, he joined the Murder. Rannon wrote several books, one of which was about the Cult of Vecna. Rannon used this as a cover as he travelled around Southern Megalo, doing the work of the Murder and eliminating all Cultists of Vecna he could find.

Rannon first met the Party when they came to his home, Darkwind, in Sakhata to show him evidence of the Cult of Vecna and their whereabouts. After a brief confrontation, Rannon asked if they could help with a string of murders going on in the city. After this, the Party went off to prevent the assassinations of several highly influential people, most of whom were leaders of a kingdom. When they went to Steel Gale City to prevent the assassination of Drokir Steel-Gale, they ran into the undead god Vecna, who easily incapacitated all members of the Party. Rannon and his wife, Tylia, showed up just in time to prevent the deaths of any Party members. Tylia was killed fighting Vecna, and Rannon barely escaped, bringing everyone to a ruined castle at the border of Cartage. Rannon exchanged several words with Tor, and told the Party to go to Minova and talk to Hrafn before dying from his wounds.