Vecna is the god of the undead and of secrets. He is noted for his missing left eye and hand, which mortals can find in the world and use. Sacrifices to Vecna are usually preformed to bring back the dead or to reveal secrets that are wished to be learned. These secrets are not told directly, but in riddles. The dead brought back to life are rarely the same as how they died. Take note that rituals to Vecna are highly looked down upon and outlawed in several kingdoms, including Amazolla and Cartage.

To preform a ritual to Vecna, one must be devout to him. They must also have faith in what they are doing, or the ritual may not work correctly.


A ritual sacrifice to Vecna requires the following:

  • 1 Ritual Scroll of "Raise Dead"
  • 1 Dead Body (Or parts of a dead body)
  • 1 can of bone dust
  • 3 Skulls of any humanoid race
  • 1 Amulet of Vecna
  • 13 Black Candles


First take the can of bone dust. Create two circles with the dust, one large and one small. Next, place the body in the center of the two circles. Then, align the three skulls on an elevated object no more than twenty feet above or away from the body. Then, align the thirteen candles in this order as evenly as possible: 8 around the large circle, 4 around the small, and one on the belly of the body; the more aligned the better the ritual. Then, light the candles, starting with the one closest to the body's left eye. Then, place the Amulet of Vecna around the neck of the body. Then preform the "Raise Dead" ritual, but recite it in the Language of Vecna.


If done correctly, the body will begin to rise and then hover in mid-air. The body will then speak in the common language and ask what you wish of it. Depending on how strong the person was before they died, you can ask of the body one to five requests. These requests must be the knowledge of a secret or the raising of a dead body. If the candles were aligned the best they can, you have an extra request. Take note the body cannot revive a creature more powerful than it was or tell you a secret known by anyone more powerful.