The First Wallachian Uprising was an uprising led by Lonir Iron-Tooth against the king Drokir Steel-Gale. The uprising was in response for the decision of putting the very young Drokir on the throne. Two sides were created: the people who supported Iron-Tooth were simply called Rebels. Those who supported Drokir Steel-Gale were called Royalists. The uprisings lasted around nine years, until Lonir Iron-Tooth had dissapeared. Lonir Iron-Tooth was assumed to have died in the winter, though was found to have actually been killed by Royalist Swamp Dwellers.


Date Event Description Strengths Casualties

4/12/1266 BBO

Battle of Iron Door Fort

The Baron Lonir Iron-Tooth led a force of around 4,000 men, many of them mercenaries, against Fort Iron Door. The Baron won the battle, sparking a war between the rebels and the royals.

4,000 Rebels & Baron Lonir Iron-Tooth


2,500 Royalists

2,900 Rebels

2,200 Royalists

3/22/1264 BBO

Battle of Steel Wind Hill

General Yolir Fist-Breaker sent over 10,000 soldiers to Steel Wind Hill to attack a force of 8,000 rebels led by Earl Jrosir Black-Knuckle. The royalists won the battle, capturing Jrosir Black-Knuckle.

10,500 Royalists


8,000 Rebels

4,000 Royalists

6,000 Rebels

9/12/1264 BBO Attack of Surali Rebels attacked the town of Surali, a non-dwarven town in the swamps. The reason behind this is unknown, but the reason was most likely shortage of supplies. The rebels were met with fierce resistance however, and retreated after two hours.

3,000 Rebels


Around 6,000 armed citizens.

2,100 Rebels

1,000 Armed Citizens

5/12/1259 BBO Attack on Castle Iron-Tooth Royalists storm the underground castle of Iron-Tooth. Many rebels died defending the castle, but they bought enough time to allow Lonir Iron-Tooth to escape.

16,000 Rebels


24,000 Royalists

15,000 Rebels

8,000 Royalists

12/12/1258 BBO Battle of Gold-Eye Swamp Royalist swamp dwellers attack a rebel force believed to be protecting Lonir Iron-Tooth. Though Lonir was not there, the rebels were quickly beaten.

400 Royalist Swamp Dwellers


1,200 Rebels

250 Royalists

1,150 Rebels

7/2/1257 BBO Battle of Dry Ocean Valley Rebels mount one last large force and march towards Castle Steel-Gale. Many Royalists attack the rebels at Dry Ocean Valley. The rebels lost, and the rebellions were put to end after the body of Lonir Iron-Tooth was unable to be found.

7,000 Rebels


15,000 Royalists

7,000 Rebels

4,000 Royalists

11/24/1254 BBO Confirmation of the Death of Lonir Iron-Tooth The body of rebel leader Lonir-Iron Tooth is brought to Steel-Gale castle by Swamp Dwellers, confirming the death of Lonir Iron-Tooth. 10 Swamp Dwellers brought the body. Lonir Iron-Tooth was killed about two months prior.