The Legend of the Cult of Vecna


Rannon Sylnius the Second

Long have their been rumors of a secret cult of Vecna hidden somewhere in the world. Some believe this supposed Cult exists in the long isolated Minova. Others say it lies deep in the jungles of Comachall or Apacha. These are all untrue as the cult of Vecna is but a legend, or, more fitting, a myth.

Why do I know this? Well let's start with the god himself, Vecna. Vecna is the god of the undead. He is also the god of secrets and lies. Now you may ask, "Well why is any sort of a legitimate agruement?" Well there are a few answers. One is the undead. The undead range from Lichs to Vampires to Zombies and Ghouls. Have you ever seen anything like this? No. The last undead to have ever been sighted was during the Second War of Megalo. During this war, the desert kingdom of Desune had begun using Skeletal Horses because of the harsh environment. After the war, these horses were never used or seen again. Why? The rise of the Guild of Magic. The Guild of Magic highly looks down upon necromancy, and due to it's power and influence, many kingdoms outlawed the practice. Next is Vecna's other domain: Secrecy and Deception. While this may seem legitimate, it really is not. Any cult that bases themselves across secrecy and lies is doing it's job well, but would have little to no power. Most cults, like those of Zehir, have some amount of influence in today's kingdoms, though not a staggering amount such as the Murder or the Guild.

Another thing I would like to point out is that it would be near impossible for there to be a set, single cult. Why? Because every other cult in existance has proved itself to be real. Why has Vecna's cult not done this if it exists? Why not do something like assassinate the last in the Atlas dynasty like Zehir's cult or cause the split of Sabbra and Cadabbra like the cult of Asmodeus? If Vecna does have a cult, it would be split, unorderly, and all around divided.

In a last closing note, I would like anyone who is skeptical of these claims to go look for themselves. If they can bring me any scrap of evidence they can find that proves there is a true cult, please find me.

Rannon Sylnius the Second

Milost, Eloga