The Revolution of Nehruse was an event that occured during the Second War of Megalo. The mostly half-orc and dwarven Mallish in the south were supporters of the Rossac Kingdom, and joined the war to fight with them. The predominantly elven and eladrin Mallish in the north, however, supported the Cartagan kingdom and refused to fight for Ros. The Revolution of Nehruse began in 3/1/2670 BBO, after a Mallish force of over 500 threatened to massacre a town of over 7,000 northern Mallishians. The townspeople attacked the force however, and killed over 300 of the soldiers while taking the rest prisoner. Two sides were formed: The Northerners and The Southerners. The Southerners greatly underestimated the Northerners, who were trained by Minova secretly, making them better fighters than the Southern Army. The Revolution continued for more than sixteen years after that, ending with the northern Mallishians winning the battle. The Northern Mallishians renamed the piece of land they got Nehruse, which is elven for Northern Land.


Event Date Description Strengths Casualties
The Battle of Varos 3/1/2670 BBO Due to the increasing tensions in the northern part of Malruse, Duke Holdlaf Grusborn sent a small 500 soldier unit to the town of Varos. When they arrived, they threatened the city with massacre if they didn't take up arms for Malruse. In response, 4,000 men and women took knives, scythes, and any weapons usuable and fought the soldiers. They killed about 300 soldiers and took the rest prisoner. This sparked the Revolution of Nehruse.

500 Southern Soldiers


Around 4,000 Armed Northern Citizens

350 Soldiers killed

150 Soldiers taken Prisoner

700 Citizens killed

Battle of Magas Hill 12/17/2670 BBO A force of 2,000 Southerners are ordered to attack a Northern Camp on top of Magas Hill. Due to heavy snowfall, the Southerners fought poorly while the Northerners, who were used to cold, won a victory. Those who have studied this battle say the Southerners were doomed from the start, as they had to fight up-hill in the snow.

1,200 Northerners


2,000 Southerners

500 Northerners

1,800 Southerners

Halott Town Massacre 4/14/2668 BBO Over 3,000 Southerners massacre over 7,000 unarmed citizens who remained neutral in the revolution. The remaining fled and joined the North.

9,000 Citizens


3,000 Southerners

7,000 Citizens

Around 3 Soldiers were found dead from stab wounds.

Battle of the White Stone Plains 3/11/2666 BBO A force of over 2,300 Northerners attack a force of 1,500 Southerners. Northerners claim victory and kill all Southerners they fought.

2,350 Northerners


1,500 Southerners

640 Northerners

1,500 Southerners

Battle of Estzak 7/5/2664 BBO A force of more than 30,000 Northerners attack the city of Estzak in southern Malruse. Due to an upgrade on the walls, the soldiers and citizens were unprepared. The Northerners won the battle and occupied the city.

30,000 Northerners


1,500 Southerners

400 Northerners

1,100 Southerners

Siege of Estzak 10/15/2664 - 4/19/2660 BBO A Southerner Army of over 60,000 lay siege to Estzak. The Northerners at this time used wizards and sorrcerers to destroy all siege equipment the Southerners had. The Southerners left after more than 3 years due to dwindling men and supplies.

62,000 Southerners


29,600 Northerners

40,000 Southerners

1,600 Northerners

Battle of Sanwon Hill 9/10/2660 BBO Northerners make a daring attempt to take Sanwon Fort on top the hill of the same name. Southerners foolishly exited the fort to battle near the top of the hill. The Northerners win the battle, led by legendary Genasi general Yuvon Tis, one of the greatest tactical minds of all time.

2,000 Northerners

General Yuvon Tis


5,000 Southerners

694 Northerners

3912 Southerners

Assassination of Duke Holdlaf Grusborn 1/1/2659 BBO Duke Holdlaf Grusborn of Malruse, the man who caused the Halott Town Massacre and approved the many disasterous battles lost by Malruse, was killed by five Southern defectors, who killed the Duke out of anger of Malruse's current state, as most money went to the military at his request.

Duke Holdlaf Grusborn


Five Southerner Defectors

Duke Holdlaf Grusborn

Defectors escaped to Estzak.

Otyras Debeli's Final Stand 7/4/2654 BBO Mallish King Otyras Debeli and his army of 60,000 Southerners stood at the gates of the Mallish capital, Hinruall. The Northerners caught wind however, and sent the entire Northern Army, around 70,000 Strong. King Otyras was flanked, but he and his men fought to the death. After the battle, Northern General Yuvon Tis captured king Otyras, and had him burned on a sacrificial slab to Kord.

General Yuvon Tis

70,000 Southerners


Mallish King Otyras Debeli

60,000 Southerners

28,000 Northerners

Mallish King Otyras Debeli

60,000 Southerners

Treaty of Hinruall 7/18/2654 BBO Nobles loyal to the South sign a treaty to seperate the northern part of Malruse.

Northern General Yuvon Tis

42,000 Northerners

Many Southern Nobles

The Recognition of Nehruse 11/24/2654 BBO The Kingdom of Nehruse is created, and Yuvon Tis and his future children are chosen as king. Cartage and Minova are first to recognize Nehruse. Malruse recognizes after Treaty of Hinruall. Kingdom divided at 150 miles from the site of the Battle of Sanwon Hill. N/A N/A


  • The Battle of Sanwon Hill was fought similarly to the Battle of San Juan Hill, which was won by Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders.
  • Total Northerners dead (including civilians at Halott): 39,534.
  • Total Southerners dead: 108,667.