The Second Wallachia Uprising was an uprising started by Undloyd Wave-Breaker to avenge the death of his cousin, the former rebel leader Lonir Iron-Tooth. Drokir Steel-Gale, now 68, led his soldiers in battle. There were only two major battles, and the uprisings lasted only three years. Undloyd Wave-Breaker vanished after the first battle, and has yet to be found.


Date Event Description Strengths Casualties
2/14/1203 BBO Battle of Nolcir Volcano A rebel force led by Undloyd Wave-Breaker attacked a army unit escorting Drokir Steel-Gale back to Castle Steel-Gale. The rebels lost, however, and scattered away quickly.

1,500 Bodyguards

Drokir Steel-Gale


3,100 Rebels

Undloyd Wave-Breaker

1,100 Bodyguards

2,700 Rebels

9/12/1200 BBO Battle of Wave-Breaker Castle Drokir Steel-Gale led over 5,000 Dwarven Behemoths to storm the castle of Undloyd Wave-Breaker. The castle was blown up due to a massive amount of blast patches inside, killing many. It is presumed Undloyd died in the explosion, fires, or from smoke, though the body was never found.

7,000 Dwarven Behemoths



4,500 Rebels

1,200 Dwarven Behemoths

4,500 Rebels