Wallachia was created when Cartage decided to downsize on it's kingdom and make several new, independent kingdoms. Wallachia was one of these kingdoms, and has attracted a large dwarven population due to it's mountainous regions.


After the Second War of Megalo, Cartage dissolved into several smaller kingdoms while downsizing it's own. One of these kingdoms was Wallachia. The Wallachian borders were defined by the Ring of Stone, a mountain range that surrounded a large piece of land. Due to the mountainous region, many dwarves were attracted to the region and soon gained much power. The marshlands that were engulfed by the mountains were partly cleared for building space, though much of it was kept preserved, attracting many elves and shifters. Wallachia has had one clan rule it for the six hundred years it has existed: the Steel-Gale clan, one of the first Dwarven clans to claim stake in Wallachia.

Society and CultureEdit

Wallachia is known for it's grand underground cities built by dwarves. Anyone is welcome in the cities, but only clan members can live in the most upscale parts of the cities. Non-clan members must pay a special tax to live in a Wallachian Dwarven city, except for the homeless. Above ground in the marshes and swamps, elves, shifters, and several other races build treehouses and practice primal and arcane magic. Many Dwarves revere Moradin for their cities, and many paladins serve his name. Another god the dwarves tend to celebrate greatly is Erathis. The races in the marshes and swamps tend to serve Melora and Corellon.


  • Wallachia is a real region in Romania, where Vlad the Impaler was born.