White Syrup is the name given to a potion developed by the Minovans before the start of the Second War of Megalo. Designed as a battle poison, it takes only a few seconds to kill a target.


White Syrup instantly eliminates all blood flow in the body, causing blood to be unable to take in oxygen.


Some White Syrup ingredients can only be found in the Minovan region, making it somewhat rare.

  • 1 Vial of Dire Shark Blood
  • 1 Vial of White Tree sap
  • 1 White Tree Leaf

The Shark Blood and Tree Sap are both boiled seperately. After they boil, they are then mixed together in a bowl. The White Tree leaf is then put in the bowl and left to soak for ten minutes. After ten minutes, the poison is ready for use.


The only way to cure White Syrup is to quickly pour a vial of Melora's Blessing over the wound.