A Wound in Time is when a event in the past majorly changes the future.


Wounds in Time can only be caused by people who have gone back in time, which is believed to be impossible by almost everyone. But for those who do believe, a Wound in Time can change the future in a big way by doing the smallest thing, wether it is killing a mosquito that carried a disease that killed millions or preventing a message from being sent that saved a powerful kingdom. A Wound in Time can either save or destroy the future, depending on the action of the people who caused it. The only way a Wound in Time can be fixed is if the action that caused the future to happen normaly happens in an alternative way.

Known Wounds in TimeEdit

  • Death of an ancestor of Coderous (healed)
  • Death of an ancestor of Gregory
  • Death of Jyrues Vanoch, ancestor to Ivanoch